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lUPS stands for "lame Uninterruptable Power Supply", where lame implies that it is dumb, or rather uses dumb serial signaling. Virtually every UPS made provides some facility for dumb monitoring. What lUPS does is watch the serial line specified and signal the computer to start a shutdown countdown when it notices the power has gone out. If the power does not come back on within the specified time, lups initiates a system shutdown (using existing Operating System shutdown commands). lUPS provides no features other than system shutdown and logging of when the power has gone out, and if it has come back on. It is written in C and compiles on virtually any system. Because it lacks features such as email notification or a GUI it has a very small footprint in virtually every aspect. If you are looking for a very small and compact UPS monitoring program for your servers, this is probably it. If you want anything fancy,pretty,attractive, or with a GUI, you'll definitely need to go elsewhere.

Current version is 0.05